war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.

Generalization of the information about the events in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region during the Russia-Ukraine war for the period February 24 – March 5, 2022

Vladyslav Dolzhko, Yevgeniy Zakharov

The Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group is documenting international crimes (genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes) allegedly committed by the Russian occupiers in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region.

Today we publish a summary of the information about the events, which happenedduring the first 10 days of the war (February 24 – March 5, 2022). The information in this publication is based on the data we have collected and needs clarification.

A detailed description of the events for the period from February 24 to March 5, 2022 and a link to the original sources of information is contained in the daily chronicles of the events for this period.

Information collection is ongoing. We ask eyewitnesses to send us information using the attached form.

1. Geographical localization

The city of Kharkiv

There is information about the massive shelling of civilian infrastructure and residential areas of Saltivka, HTZ, Pyatykhatky, residential area “Horizont”.

The districts of Oleksiyivka, Kholodna Hora, Novi Doma, Moskalivka, the area of ​​the Kyivskasubway station, Odeska street, VelykaDanylivka, Zhukovsky village, Shishkivka, Shatylivka, Gagarin Avenue district, Klochkivska street, the Airport area, Pavlove Pole, Sonyachny district, and the city center.

Kharkiv region

Massive shelling of the city of Izium and the Izium district, the cities of Chuguiv and Balaklia, the villages of Tsyrkuny, Ruska Lozova and Yakovlivka were reported in the region.

There is also information that the city of Lozova, towns of Pisochyn, Pechenihy, Rohan, villages of Shidny, Berezivka, Khorosheve, Gorokhovatka, Zernove, Oleksiyivka, Pidliman, Popivka, Kunye, Vesele, Volokhiv Yar and Lozovenky were affected by the shelling and attacks.

2. Information on civilian casualties (killed, wounded)

According to “Public Kharkiv”, as of 18:00 on March 5, 2022, 194 people, including 126 civilians, including 5 children, were killed by artillery shelling and hostilities in the Kharkiv region.

433 people were injured, including 312 civilians.

On March 3, 2022, Maryna Fenina, a member of the OSCE Special Mission, was killed in shelling in Kharkiv.

3. Information on civilian infrastructure damaged by hostilities

According to available information, the artillery shelling and hostilities caused damages of at least:

  •  Residential buildings– 350 (the exact number cannot be determined due to the intensity and massiveness of bombings and shelling);
  •  Educational institutions – 19, including schools – 10, buildings of higher educational institutions and institutions of vocational (technical) education – 9;
  •  Medical institutions – 4;
  •  Institutions of culture or sports – 4;
  •  Civil infrastructure facilities – 32, including factories and large enterprises – 6, transport infrastructure facilities – 4, resource infrastructure and housing and communal services facilities – 3, other civil infrastructure facilities – 19.

These data need to be clarified.

4. Information on the disappearance of Ukrainian public officials, activists and other persons

During the documented period, there is information on the disappearance of several persons, including 1 child (born in 2009).

On March 1, 2022, during Kupyansk (Kharkiv region) residents’ peaceful rally against the occupation of the city by Russian troops, Mykola Masliy, a deputy of the city council, went missing.

5. Conclusion

An analysis of the information gathered suggests that civilians were killed and wounded, and that civilian buildings, such as residential buildings and civil infrastructure, were destroyed and damaged by deliberate and indiscriminate shelling. Such acts may be qualifiedas war crimes under Article 8 (2) (a) (i), (iii), (iv), (b) (i). (ii), (iv), (v) of the Rome Statute of the International.

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