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30 July: Presentation of “Human Rights in Ukraine – 2007”.


Ukrainian human rights organizations’ annual report will be presented on Wednesday 30 July and discussed during a roundtable organized by the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union.

Discussion will focus on the human rights situation in the country during 2007, as well as recommendations on improving the situation. The positions of human rights groups and of representatives of the authorities will be presented on 8 of the most burning human rights issues at the present time. There will also be discussion of possible mechanisms for achieving systematic State policy on human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Those attending will include members of human rights organizations, scholars and specialists, representatives of the authorities and of international organizations.

The event is being run with the support of the Human Rights Committee of the National Commission for the Strengthening of Democracy and the Rule of Law, and the participation of the Ministry of Justice.

Please join us on Wednesday from 13.00 to 18.00 at the Ministry of Justice (Kyiv, 10 Rylsky Lane, second floor, meeting room).

We are unfortunately unable to provide synchronic interpreting, but do hope you will be able to attend.


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