war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.


Horrific beheading of Ukrainian prisoner of war is part of Russia’s deliberate policy in war against Ukraine

The Russian invaders executed both Ukrainian prisoners of war and civilians from February 2022, but the scale and openness about such atrocities against POWs have risen dramatically

Ukrainian sentenced to 12 years in Russia for Ukraine's national anthem, balloons and anti-war speech

Not only was Krystyna Liubashenko, the mother of two small daughters, charged with ‘military fakes’ and ‘terrorism’ for peaceful protest, but she was probably tricked into coming to Moscow

Putin youth movement teaches kids in occupied Mariupol to hate Ukraine and want to kill for Russia

Russia has now added the Putin-initiated ‘Movement of the First’ to its arsenal of youth organizations aimed at indoctrination and militarization of Ukrainian children in occupied Mariupol

Russia’s Supreme Court upholds 11-year-sentence against Crimean Tatar religious scholar for ‘dissident’ views

Russia’s highest-ranking ‘judges’ are thus making themselves complicit in the persecution of Vadym Bektemirov for his views and civic activism in defence of political prisoners

Russia calls defence of Ukraine ‘terrorism’ and passes long sentences against Ukrainian father and son POWs

Both father and son have been in captivity since April 2022 with the charges against them both grotesque and almost certainly based on ‘confessions’ extracted through torture

Crimean convicted of ‘discrediting Russian army’ for explaining why Ukraine will be victorious

Rustem Nebiev was persecuted for the map of Ukraine and the expressed conviction that Ukraine, supported by its people, must be victorious

Russia moves to change the ethnic makeup of occupied Ukraine by deporting Ukrainians and importing its own citizens

Russia is openly seeking to eradicate Ukrainian identity on Ukrainian territory, with one of the methods being to bring in its own people, very likely offering them ‘homes’ plundered from their Ukrainian owners

Crippling fine against Crimean Tatar newspaper accused of ‘discrediting’ Russia’s army

Russia will not tolerate any independent media, and Qirim has not been cowered into silence

Fake Russian occupation ‘court’ sentences Ukrainian POWs to 17 years for guarding Ukraine's territory

Instead of complying with international law and treating Vasyl Dmytriuk and Ivan Tereshchenko as prisoners of war, Russia concocted preposterous charges from 2018

Serious allegations still not addressed over Russian Red Cross links with Putin war machine

Damning details of the role played by the Russian Red Cross and its head, Petr Savchuk, and of the vital role not played by the International Committee of the Red Cross clearly need adequate response


‘Don’t scare my children, take the assault rifle away’

Serhii Bobko, a resident of the occupied village of Bohdanivka, hid his daughters in the basement when a Russian soldier came to the house. Fortunately, no one was hurt that day. Serhii and his family soon left the village, and when he returned he found his house damaged and looted.

Law on mobilization: The Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group analysis

We explain whether going to the military registration and enlistment office (TTsK) is necessary and how it will issue call-up papers and register cars. And also, why the new law does not actually solve our problems.

‘A helicopter is flying, I look — a rocket is heading towards us...’

Oleksandr Hanziichuk is a resident of Borodianka in the Kyiv Region. The man lived there with his elderly mother and tried to save her from the bombing. At first, people hid in basements and later miraculously escaped from this hell.

‘We will be in Ukraine until the end,’ a Canadian volunteer says in Kharkiv

Paul Hughes’ organization carried out more than 300 missions in Ukraine. During one of them, a Canadian was interrogated for eight hours by the Russians.

The 80th Anniversary of the Deportation of the Crimean Tatars

80 years ago, on May 18, 1944, in dark predawn hours, the National Tragedy of Crimea had begun. The uniformed soldiers of Soviet KGB troops knocked at the doors of Crimean Tatars houses...

Behind bars for a “like”: the dissenting opinion of Judge Arkadii Bushchenko

The court upheld the conviction of a 70-year-old pensioner to 1 year in prison for “liking” a post about a Russian general. Arkadii Bushchenko explains why such punishments have nothing to do with a democratic society.

Approximately 28,000 Ukrainians have disappeared under special circumstances

The International Commission on Missing Persons signed memorandums of cooperation with the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Health.

‘There were people screaming in the destroyed houses and nobody was allowed to help them’

Serhii Vitkovskyi did not evacuate from Borodianka (Kyiv Region) because he could not leave his dog — a huge Alabai. Serhii tells how the Russian troops did not allow anyone to rescue people from the destroyed houses, and how his friend was shot dead in the middle of the street.

'There was a cemetery here' — a resident of the village of Zahaltsi

Serhii Smyrnov lives in the village of Zahaltsi, Kyiv Region. The family finished fixing the house just before the start of the war. They kept goats and poultry. The Russians forced the family to leave their native village, and when the family returned, neither the house nor the birds were there.

The Unified Register of Persons Disappeared Under Special Circumstances has become operational in Ukraine

Relatives of persons who went missing under special circumstances (as a result of hostilities) can apply to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for a record, based on which they can apply to the Pension Fund and receive a survivor's pension. KHPG tells how to do it.

To see the light in the darkness: Psychologist’s office as part of human rights activity

This article was written in February 2023 and describes the formation of the system of psychological care for victims of war crimes established by the KHPG. We provide comprehensive assistance to those who come to our reception offices. After a consultation with a lawyer, a person can be supported financially and referred to an official or a doctor. An essential part of this assistance is a psychological service.

The death penalty in Russia. How would it threaten Ukrainians?

Russia aims to execute “terrorists,” but this term is very vague.