Our indicators of the legal assistance for January-June 2021:

Public reception office of KHPG provided 1348 consultations, worked on 49 proceedings in the courts, including 11 new proceedings, completed 21 cases, won 14. Prepared 2 applications to the European Court under Article 6 para.1 of the Convention.

Strategic Litigations Center of KHPG worked on 85 cases in the domestic courts, including 27 new cases, won 9 cases. It worked on 34 cases in the European Court, including 20 new cases. 19 cases were won, 6 communications with the Court, 1 communication with Committee of Ministers of CoE, 20 new applications to the Court  were carried out.


Collaborators with Russian state terrorism should be thrown out of International Federation of Journalists

There has been total silence from the main Russian press agencies about Russia’s bombing of a shopping centre in Kremenchuk, and the Russian Union of Journalists never reports anything that could annoy the Kremlin

Russian legislative changes will mean school leavers can officially be sent to fight in Ukraine

The new move has been criticized as making Russia’s armed forces “incredibly unprofessional”, with contract soldiers effectively becoming so much ‘cannon fodder’.

Medics taken prisoner by Russian invaders for treating defenders of Ukraine in Mariupol

Russia finally released renowned paramedic Yulia Paevska, but is still illegally holding a huge number of other doctors and paramedics who were taken prisoner while trying to save lives during Russia’s bloody siege of Mariupol

Russian invaders torture abducted Kherson patriot into ‘confessing’ to surreal ‘abduction plot’

It is almost three months since Andriy Horshkov was seized by the Russian invaders from his home in Kherson and there is every reason to fear for his safety

Russia jeopardizes life of Crimean Tatar veteran activist imprisoned for defending political prisoners

Over a month after 59-year-old Azamat Eyupov almost certainly suffered a stroke in Russian detention, agreement has finally been reached for him to receive an ultrasound scan of his heart and MRI scan of the brain

Chief Russian propagandist: “All our hope is pinned on famine”

Kremlin propaganda chief Margarita Simonyan claimed to be simply relaying a ‘joke, or exclamation’ she had heard from several people when, on 17 June, she told Putin that “All hope is pinned on famine”.

Russia lavishly pays Wagner Unit mercenaries to bomb and kill Ukrainians

A Russian bomber pilot, captured over Svitlodarsk in Donetsk oblast, has admitted being employed by a so-called ‘private military company’ and receiving 205 thousand roubles (3,5 thousand euros) a month for carrying out bombing raids

Desperate plea from the wives of Donbas men seized and sent to fight Russia’s war against Ukraine

Russia has been rounding up men in Donbas and sending even those with evident medical conditions to fight and, more than likely, be killed fighting its war against Ukra

Unexpected end to Russia’s three-year persecution of Crimean Tatar Regional Mejlis Head

A court in Russian-occupied Crimea has terminated a grotesque criminal prosecution first brought almost three years ago against 71-year-old Ilver Ametov, veteran of the Crimean Tatar national movement

European Court orders Russia not to carry out ‘death sentence’ against POW defending Ukraine

The European Court of Human Rights has ordered Russia to ensure that the death penalty imposed on Brahim Saadoun, a prisoner of war seized while serving in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, is not carried out.


Chuvashia is Angry: A Bracelet for every 500 roubles – digest of Russian protests (11-16 June 2022)

Advice to conscripts on refusing military service; a secret Peace Forum in Petersburg; bracelets for those who donate towards the fines for protesting: people in Russia continued to express opposition to the war and the regime responded with new punishments, criminal charges and violence. Agents beat up a man in front of his seven-year-old son because the boy was wearing a yellow hat and blue jacket.

‘People flew in the air like leaves — there was such a strong explosion’

Olena Gurina from Kharkiv has been hiding from enemy shelling in the subway for twenty days.

‘The helicopter skimmed the treetops.’ Azov fighter tells of his evacuation from Mariupol.

A wounded fighter tells of his night-time evacuation from Azovstal.

“We’re not celebrating today” – digest of Russian protests (early June 2022)

12 June was a public holiday in Russia. It marks the date in 1990 when the Russian Federation declared its independence. In Russian towns and cities filled with police and the pro-war symbol Z, activists used the occasion to hold anti-war protests. Many were arrested, and facial-recognition technology was used to detain over sixty men and women in the Moscow Metro. Hackers, street artists and musicians took part in the protests.

‘I was afraid that I won’t be killed at once but will be maimed’ – a resident of Rubizhne

Natalia Shtepa left Rubizhne on March 26. She hid from the shelling with her neighbors in a cramped unfurnished basement. She says she slept sitting up for 17 nights.

“We can"t clean ourselves from the blood” – digest of Russian protests

Anna Perova and Ludmila Annenkova made an action «We can"t clean ourselves from the blood»: barefoot, in dresses with red stains, they stood out near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in Moscow. Both were detained. Activists are printing newspapers, preparing instructions for anti-war protests and even creating poetry in exchange for donations for Ukrainian refugees.

GANHRI and ENNHRI open letter on serious concerns in relation to the proposal to dismiss the current Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights

Despite Russia’s total war against Ukraine and serious concerns expressed by human rights NGOs, 235 lawmakers voted on 31 May to dismiss Lyudmyla Denisova from her post as Ukrainian Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights

The letter on the attempt to remove the Ombudsman from the position – to all people concerned

On 30 May it became known that the people’s deputies want to use the new law (“On the legal regime of martial law”) by proclaiming mistrust to Denisova after an instruction from Bankova street. If it happens, the independence of the institution of the Commissioner can be buried and forgotten. That independence survived in the winter months of Maidan, and later – in spring 2014 in opposition to the whims of parliamentarians. It was defended. The law defeated the arbitrariness.

Sterilizing Syringes With Vodka And Finding Shrapnel In The Back. What Is It Like To Be A Doctor In A Bomb Shelter?

Hanna Shevchyk, 31, used to work in a maternity hospital in Mariupol. She had to spend a month in the bomb shelter. Her war story is different from others due to medical details, and shows how you can still save lives when there’s a lack of medicines.

Summary of events that took place in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region during the first 90 days of the full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war (February 24 – May 24 2022)

The analysis of the collected information gives grounds to claim that there were deaths and injuries of civilians, destruction and damage of civilian objects due to wilful shelling and indiscriminate shelling, probable incidents of enforced disappearances, captures of civilians, violations of humanitarian corridors and attacks on humanitarian aid supplies and convoys, volunteers, looting, killings.