war crimes in Ukraine

The Tribunal for Putin (T4P) global initiative was set up in response to the all-out war launched by Russia against Ukraine in February 2022.


Russia's youngest Ukrainian political prisoner convicted of ‘justifying terrorism’ in social media posts written by Russia’s FSB

Illya Hibeskul was imprisoned for almost a year after the FSB decided to concoct charges against the young Ukrainian who had refused Russian citizenship

18-year-old Russian imprisoned for Shevchenko poem on anniversary of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine

Russia really has descended into its repressive past, with Darya Kozyreva imprisoned and facing insane criminal charges for posting lines from Taras Shevchenko’s Testament

Crimean blogger sentenced to 2.5 years for 'showing disrespect for Russia's military glory'

Yevhen Shved was abducted a full month before he was officially charged, and almost certainly tortured and / or threatened with a huge sentence on ‘danger to state security’ charges to obtain his videoed 'repentance'

Russia’s killings of Ukrainian prisoners of war are likely state-approved war crimes

The number of such killings has increased dramatically since November, with such undoubted war crimes impossible without the support of Russia’s military echelons

Oleg Orlov, renowned human rights defender and Memorial Co-Chair, sentenced to 2.5 years for condemning Russia’s war against Ukraine

The world-renowned human rights defender noted in his final address that all recent developments had only confirmed his stark assessment of Russia’s descent into fascist totalitarianism

Sentenced to 17 years in Siberia for opposing Russia's invasion and affirming that Crimea is Ukraine

Moscow has scarcely tried to conceal the real motives behind its appalling persecution and 17-year sentence against world-renowned Mejlis leader and journalist Nariman Dzhelyal, and two cousins, Asan and Aziz Akhtemov

Execution or Siberian labour camp for opposing Russia’s occupation of Ukrainian territory

Both collaborators and high-ranking Russian officials have dropped any pretence about both their treatment of, and future plans for eliminating Ukrainians living on and opposing Russia’s illegal occupation of their Ukrainian territory

Son of Crimean Tatar political prisoner dies, deprived by Russia of his father in life and in death

Russia made it impossible for Aider Dzhapprov to see 13-year-old Abdullah and will not allow the political prisoner to be at his son’s funeral

Armed raid and surreal charges in Russian attempt to silence renowned Crimean Tatar journalist and Crimean Solidarity coordinator Lutfiye Zutfiyeva

Russia dredged up Facebook posts from 2021-22 and grotesque charges to justify its latest attack and armed raid against Lutfiye Zudiyeva who tirelessly speaks out in defence of victims of repression in occupied Crimea

Russia abducts, tortures and ‘sentences’ disabled Ukrainian to 16 years on legally absurd charges

Both Mykola Petrovsky and Serhiy Kotov were seized by the Russian invaders back in March 2022, held incommunicado and tortured for many months before Russia came up with insane ‘spying’ charges


Freedom to Oleg Orlov!

Statement by the International MemorialAssociation

Russia-Ukraine war: what does filtration mean?

Filtration is a violent, unregulated screening of the personal data of detained people, their social contacts, views and attitudes towards the occupying state, their safety for the authorities or services of the occupying state, as well as their willingness and consent to cooperate with the authorities or services of the occupying state.

What does a military chaplain do, and who needs him?

And what do chebureks [deep-fried turnovers with a filling of ground or minced meat and onions] have to do with it? Lieutenant Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Oleh Sydorenko recalls the story from the service.

‘Almost my entire family perished’

A resident of Borodianka, Tetiana Bukina, and her relatives were hiding in the basement from Russian bombings. On 1 March, the Russians dropped several air bombs on their house. Unfortunately, the panel ceilings could not hold up and buried the family.

‘The neighbor was still alive and called his granddaughter to get him out from under the rubble,’ — a resident of Borodianka

During the bombing of Borodianka, Mykhailo Kokidko and his son received shell shock. The family barely had time to escape the destroyed burning house. After the evacuation, the man ended up under occupation in the neighboring village of Zahaltsi.

Nothing is sacred

The Russian occupiers destroyed hundreds of religious buildings and kidnapped, tortured, killed, and wounded dozens of priests... This was discussed at a press conference on the Russian occupier’s war crimes against Ukrainian religious communities and clergy.

‘I am running away from the war, but it's catching up with me,’ — a resident of Kramatorsk

Svitlana Leonova has been fleeing the war since 2015. At that time, she moved from the temporarily occupied Shakhtarsk to Kramatorsk, but on 24 February 2022, the war came to her home. Now, she lives in a modular town in Borodianka and dreams of returning home most of all.

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child condemned violations of the rights of Ukrainian children by the Russian Federation

The Committee’s recommendations responded to the issues raised in the joint report of the ADC Memorial and the Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group.

To the President of Ukraine V.O. Zelenskyi

The initiative group “December 1” opposed the dismissal of Zaluzhnyi.

‘I live in a modular town and weave nets,’ — a resident of Borodianka

On 1 and 2 March 2022, Russian aviation destroyed eight multi-storey residential buildings in Borodianka with powerful FAB-250 aerial bombs. Nadiia Khomich’s house was also destroyed. Now, the woman and her family live in a modular town. She weaves nets for the military, makes trench candles, and does not lose hope.

The Butchers of Vovchansk: Suspects named

They abducted the woman, fired a gun next to her ear, and beat her until she lost consciousness. Her tormentors have been named: a Russian citizen and someone from Luhansk are suspected of violating the laws and customs of war.

Our people are at home: 207 Ukrainians were returned from captivity

On January 31, more than two hundred soldiers and civilians were returned from Russian captivity.