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09.12.2001 | D. Groysman, Vinnitsa

Return of insurance to Ukrainian citizens, who suffered in holocaust


The work on the organization of recompensing the suffering to victims of genocide and to so-called Ostarbeiters has been carried out. Several programs concerning recompensing of property pretensions are already realized in Ukraine.

Starting from this March the work of the international Commission has begun on insurance pretensions concerning the period of the holocaust. This international organization was created in the end of 1998 in the United States of America. Nowadays several large European insurance companies, which worked on the territory of Poland and Romania, joined this commission. The territories, where they had worked, later was added to the USSR, and now have become a part of Ukraine. In half a century it became clear that on the accounts of these insurance companies large sums figure, which must be now returned to depositors or their heirs, according to the rules of inheritance. The Commission was created for recompensing Jews, who suffered during the holocaust, but now it is agreed that the Commission will also consider pretensions from all former depositors or their heirs, independently of the nationality. Although the Commission represents five European insurance companies, the decision is taken that a recompensing insurance fund would be created and this fund will cover the obligations of the insurance companies, which already do not exist. The preparation of the needed documents has already begun in all regions of Ukraine and will last to the end of May.

Pretenders must bear in mind that recompensing in no way concerns duties of the former ‘Gosstrakh’ of the USSR.

People who are interested in this information may telephone to Kyiv, the contact numbers are: (044) 216 – 53 – 96 or 224 – 07 – 28.

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