A TV channel is under threat of closure in Zaporozhye


Today one of the most popular and favorite TV channel of Zaporozhye "Hortitsa" is on the brink of closure. The reason is that the channel is said to work without license longer than for a year. Yet, the channel administration reckons that the channel became a prey of the local authorities. O. Mukhin, the manager of "Hortitsa", certainly regards the closure of the channel as "a blow on the freedom of expression". In his opinion, "the absence of the license is only a pretext to liquidate the channel, which did not kow-tow to the local powers".

The administration of the TV channel "Hortitsa" reckons that the channel is not guilty of having no license for broadcasting. The matter is that the previous license expired as early as in 2000, and to obtain the new one, they had to take part in the tender for the right to use this frequency. Yet, during all this time the National Council in charge of TV and radio broadcasting did not open the tender. "Hortitsa" more than once turned to the National Council and got answers that the channel is not guilty of the situation.

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