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S. Teriokhin distrusts the official statistical data


MP Sergey Teriokhin, a member of the party "Reforms and order" (a party from Viktor Yushchenko’s bloc "Nasha Ukraina" ("Our Ukraine")), believes that "an alternative statistical service" must be created in Ukraine, along with the State Statistical Committee. The alternative service would conduct independent statistical studies of economic processes, since the actual soaring of prices for victuals (in particular, bread, milk and meat) does not agree with the indexes of consumer prices published by the State Committee.

In Teriokhin’s opinion, the reason is that the statistical organs are directly subordinated to the executive power. "Statistics is a convenient tool for manipulating the public opinion, and during elections this tool is used to reach need political goals", he stressed.

S. Teriokhin reckons that the last President’s instruction on controlling the prices for bread makes doubtful the state statistical data about the low inflation rate in Ukraine.

As the center "LIGA" learned in the press service of the bloc "Our Ukraine", S. Teriokhin compared the present situation with that in 1996, when the government of P. Lazarenko directly ordered to give to high statistical indexes.

We remind the reader4 that on 29 January Ukrainian President L. Kuchma ordered Prime-Minister A. Kinakh and the heads of oblast administrations to take measures for strengthening the control over the prices of bread and bakery.

31 January 2002


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