TB is spreading in Ukraine


According to Vitaliy Moskalenko, the Minister of health protection, the number of TB cases for the last decade has increased by 1.8 times and equaled 60.2 for 100 thousand in 2000; the mortality rate caused by TB has increased by 2.7 times.

Annually about 30 thousand of new TB cases and about 11 thousand deaths cause by it are registered in Ukraine. TB causes more deaths that all the other infectious diseases rolled together (83 %).

186 anti-TB establishments work in Ukraine. Their total capacity is 25531, that is 5.2 for 10 thousands of population. This ratio is constant for last three years.

At the same period the total expenditure for buying drugs for TB cases increased from Hr 10.4 million to Hr 49 million. The expenditures for buying the medicinal drugs from the state budget at the same period increased from Hr 950 thousand to Hr 36 million. In 2000 this kind of expenditures was financed with Hr 27.5 million (100% of the planned sum).

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