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Ukrainian mass media are not prepared for the freedom of speech.


The majority of the Ukrainian mass media are not prepared for an unbiased elucidation of hot topics. Oleksandr Chekmyshev, the vice rector of the Institute of journalism, the head of the committee ’Equality of opportunities’, told that the investigation of the mass media objectivity was conducted in the end of 2000 – beginning of 2001, i. e. At the time when several hot topics were discussed: Gongadze’s disappearance, Yulia Timoshenko’s case, protest actions of the opposition, implementation of the referendum results. As the investigation showed, the Ukrainian mass media appeared unable to elucidate these topics in order to enable Ukrainian citizens to draw reasonable and adequate conclusions. The results of the investigation showed that the most unbiased sources of information are TV news ’Reporter’ at ’New channel’. TV programs TCH (ֵ+1’ channel) and ’Vikna’ (CTB) were found to be more or less objective and of good quality. Regional mass media appeared to be rather confined because their journalist activities are constrained by the influence of local financial and political groups. The investigation uncovered the system of concrete orders, prohibition to elucidate certain topics or mention certain names. In general, the conclusion of the investigators was that the modern economic situation in Ukraine does not enable mass media to be an independent business, i.e. to exist on its income. That is why the publishing policy of mass media is formed by financial and political groups, which control them.

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