Authorities vs. Ludmila Kucherenko.


Well-known journalist Ludmila Kucherenko considers that the National council in charge of TV and radio broadcasting of Ukraine dismissed her from the post of a representative in the Poltava oblast absolutely without any grounds.

By the way, deputy head of the National council Viktor Leshik refused to sign the dismissal order, since he regards it as illegal. He advised Kucherenko to appeal against the order in court.

It is Kucherenko, who more than others bothers the local authorities. She uncloses its financial machinations. She gives indisputable proofs of their irresponsibility and incompetence in solving social problems. Kucherenko not only shows an exemplary behavior of a journalist, she also, as the president of the Poltava media club, supports the professional level of the oblast journalists by holding regular training seminars, unites the democratic press for protection their right for the freedom of speech. Besides she is the chief editor of the media club newspaper ’Novy den’ and prepares materials for radio ’Liberty’.

As a representative of the National council, L. Kucherenko protected the rights of viewers of the TV company ’ЮТА’, whose translations were stopped by cable companies by the order of the authorities. That happened because ’ЮТА’ resolutely opposed the activities of some men in power. L. Kucherenko, in her interview to the informational agency ’Poltava-fact’, said that she has enough experience and knowledge for protecting her own rights. ’I see that more and more journalist, fixed in the vice by authorities, see the light and join the ranks of fighters for the freedom of speech, said Ludmila Kucherenko.

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