The mayor of Cherkassy about ‘Nikulin’s case’


Mayor of Cherkassy Volodymir Oliynyk, a former judge, intends to become a public advocate in the case of Oleksandr Nikulin, the mayor of Kirovograd. A meeting of inhabitants of Kirovograd was held devoted to this proposal.

V. Oliynyk made his intention public at the press conference with Kirovograd newsmen. He intends to get familiar with the details of this case; besides, he plans to insist to try his client at the open session namely in Kirovograd. Cherkassy mayor is going to demand, in his capacity of the public advocate, the juridical and political assessment not only of Nikulin’s actions, but also the actions of those law-enforcing officers, who carried the investigation. He is convinced that the law was brutally trampled by these officers, and the very ‘Nikulin’s case’ is doubtful, since it not clear whether there is corpus delicti.

The number of violations of law in the cause of the investigation permanently grows. It is sufficient to recall the public statement of the prosecutor, who qualified O. Nikulin as guilty, although he had no right to do so before the court verdict. Now courts have stopped to accept claims against Nikulin, and only recently the wife of the Kirovograd mayor has been permitted to be his defender. Her rights, however, are limited: her meetings with her client are always carried with an official supervisor present. This, in V. Oliynyk’s opinion, is a brutal violation of the Ukrainian operating laws.

Volodymir Oliynyk plans to be a full-fledged side of the process and to question all its participants, including the prosecutor and the investigating officers. He appealed to citizens of Kirovograd to come to the trial and make their own opinion of what would be happening.

For proper studying the case and for taking part in the trial V. Oliynyk plans to go on leave.
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