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According to a correspondent of the agency ‘Interfax-Ukraina’, on 31 October the National Council of Security and Defense (NCSD) considered the measures of improvement of state informational policy and providing informational security of Ukraine.

The participants of the conference came to the conclusion that negative tendencies appeared in the informational area of Ukraine, which threaten national interests of the country in the external policy and are harmful to Ukraine’s international image. The participants noted that the national informational space is ‘fragmentary’ and has a low level of legal and physical protectability.

The members of the NCSD regard that the quality of the national informational production is unsatisfactory. The state organs, whose duty is to guarantee the informational security, do not take needed measures for preventing informational threats and their negative influence on political, social and spiritual areas.

The participants of the NCSD conference remarked that the national informational space is sometimes used for informational and propagandist aggression, discrediting Ukrainian state and public institutions, attempts to destabilize social and political situation and inflicting damage to international image of Ukraine.

In this connection the participants noted that dangerous tendencies of scattering doubtful, and sometimes obviously distorted and biased, information become more frequent in information networks.

In the opinion of the participants, the drawbacks of the state informational policy, especially in printed and electronic mass media, negatively effect shaping the civil society in Ukraine, its national and state identity. Insufficient attention is paid to the development and support of national and international agencies. Informative functioning within the Internet, mainly Internet-mass media, actually operate outside the legal field in Ukraine.

Besides, the participants of the conference consider that, because of weak integration of Ukraine into the world informational field and insufficient activity and competitiveness of Ukraine’s informational structures, the image of Ukraine abroad is formed by national, but by foreign mass media. As a result, a distorted image of internal and external policy of Ukraine is created, which negatively effects her international authority and the investment and credit rating.

It was also mentioned at the seminar that the technological base is considerably lagging behind the modern requirements. This leads to economic losses because of devaluation of progressive industrial and informational technologies.

On the opinion of the NCSD members, it is necessary to solve the problem of information protection concerning state administration and defense. International and national computer-related crimes present an actual danger to the informational security of Ukraine.

The conference participants expressed their anxiety about the criminal situation that appeared in the sphere of the protection of information systems and intellectual property. Besides the question about the functioning of computer networks, corporation communications and the Internet is still unsettled. Norms and tools of prohibiting monopolizing this sector of the informational sphere and using the network contrary to legal interests of an individual, society and state, as well as the system of licensing providers and the Internet-mass media are still absent.

As Evgeniy Marchuk, the secretary of the NCSD, remarked at the briefing devoted to the conference results, the Council took the decision, which shall be put into effect by the corresponding President’s decree. Before this separate parts of the decision will be placed on the NCSD site ( for discussing it by public.

According to E. Marchuk, the decision, in particular, supposes to entrust the Cabinet of Ministers and some government agencies with ordering the Internet mass media. He told that this is necessary, first of all, for the protection of the national domain .ua.

Besides the NCSD secretary confirmed the necessity to establish the responsibility of a provider for the resources located in his zone and to equalize the rights of printed and Internet mass media.


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