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The procedure of coming to Ukraine by foreigners is simplified


Some changes were introduced in the Rules, approved by resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 29 December 1995 No. 1074. The changes were made to fulfil President’s Decree of 15 June 2001 No. 435 ‘On additional measures to realize the human rights for freedom of movement and free choice of residence’. According to this Decree, since 1 July 2001 the registration of foreigners (and their passports), coming to Ukraine in the established order, and of their passports is made only in frontier checkpoints by the organs of the State committee of guarding frontiers. Any further registration of foreigners (and their passports), who legally and temporarily stay on the Ukrainian territory, in bodies of interior are not made.

A foreigner may be refused in entering Ukraine, basing on Ukrainian laws, as a result of an interview held in a frontier checkpoint by an officer of frontier guards.

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