Crimean Tatars want to have their national court.


The Medjlis of Crimean Tatars intends to discuss the question about the restoration of kadiyat, the national court, whose duty is to consider civil conflicts between Crimean Tatars, such as family, common and similar conflicts. The information about this intention caused the negative reaction of Russian mass media in the Crimea, which wrote that the Crimean Tatars intend to introduce the Shariat courts instead of Ukrainian ones. Yet, as Emine Avamlieva, the head of the juridical department of the Medjlis, commented, such similes are impermissible, since Shariat is much broader than the consideration of civil affairs, and kadiyat is somewhat like a court of arbitration for solving various conflicts. Now the numerous petty conflicts, which arise among newcomers to the Crimea, are solved by councils of elders. People turn to the court only if they disagree with the decisions of these councils. The representative of the Medjlis is sure that the prior task for the Crimean officials must be not the creation of the kadiyat, but the restoration of political rights of Crimean Tatars and solving the problems of settling the former deported, who are now returning to their native land.

„Deutsche Welle“ – Ukrainian editorial board

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