Ukraine got the 112th place in the rating by the level of the freedom of speech.


The international organization „Reporters without frontiers“ made public the list consisting of 139 countries with their rating by the level of the freedom of speech. Interfax-Ukraine agency informs that the top ten places of the list are occupied by the countries, where this level is the highest: Finland, Iceland, Norway, The Netherlands, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Portugal, Sweden and Denmark.

Italy has the lowest rating among the countries of the European Union – the 40th place.

The United States got the 17th place because of the often arrests of journalists, who refuse to disclose their information sources.

Tajikistan is the leader among the CIS countries – the 86th place. Ukraine is on the 112th position, Russia – on 121st, Belarus – on 124th.

In the very end of the list are Iraq, Vietnam, Cuba, Butan and Turkmenistan. China and North Korea complete the rating list.

The rating was compiled basing on the results of the poll of journalists and experts, who were asked 50 questions each concerning the experience of their work in the 139 countries of the world, in particular, about the censorship and arrests they underwent.

According to the information given by, Ukraine was included to the list of the countries, where the rights of journalist are brutally violated. The list was compiled by the international organization „Reporters without frontiers“ and the International criminal court. All in all, the list consists of 21 countries, where murders, disappearance and torture of journalist cause no reaction on the side of the authorities.

Vitaliy Dovgich, the deputy manager of the Institute of mass information, who is the representative of „Reporters without frontiers“ in Ukraine, told that these organizations had compiled such a list for the first time.

„The list includes 21 countries, where murders, kidnapping and torture of journalists are not punished, completely or partially, by the authorities. Torture in these countries is frequently sanctioned by the law-enforcing organs. The court system is controlled by the executive power or the corrupted political leaders, who cover up the criminals“, reads the foreword to the list.

Except Ukraine, the list contains the following countries: Algeria, Angola, Bangladesh, Brasilia, Burkina-Faso, Burma, Cambodia, China, Columbia, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Kosovo, Nepal, Russia, Rwanda, Sierra-Leone, Somali, Syria and Tajikistan.

„The Black list of impunity“ will be distributed by all representations of „Reporters without frontiers“ in various countries throughout the world.


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