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The service car of MP V. Sivkovich was attacked by armed civilly clothed law-enforcers


In the early hours of the morning of 12 October 2002, in the very center of Kyiv, some men attacked MP Volodymir Sivkovich; journalist Andrey Kudin, a people deputy of the Pecherskiy district of Kyiv: and well-known businessman Konstantin Grigorishin, a Russian citizen and the president of the joint Ukrainian-Russian enterprise „Energostandard group“. They were attacked near the restaurant „Egoist“ situated on the corner of Moskovskaya and P. Mirny streets. The service car of MP V. Sivkovich (Mercedes, 0166-ВР), in which A. Kudin and K. Grigorishin were going too, was attacked by civilly clothed armed men. They appeared to be officers of the Directorate for fighting organized crime, the Pecherskiy district militia precinct and the special militia troop „Sokol“, all in all -- more than 40 people. The attack was committed with brutal violations of Ukrainian laws and without any grounds. The law-enforcers illegally used physical force against deputies Sivkovich and Kudin, their assistants and businessman Grigorishin. The attackers managed to drag out Grigorishin from MP’s car, and then he was kicked and beaten with tommy-gun butts. After this the law-enforcers handcuffed Grigorishin before eyewitnesses, openly (!) put a gun to his pocket, threw him to their car and transported him to the Pecherskiy district militia precinct. When the advocates of the detained came to the precinct, they were told that Grigorishin had been detained for illegal possessing and carrying arms. The militiamen did not care that there were no Grigorishin’s fingerprints on the gun, and that Grigorishin came by airplane from Moscow to Kyiv only several hours before the incident. During the custom control Grigorishin had no firearms. Besides he did not need any weapons, since from the airplane to the place of the attack Grigorishin was accompanied by six armed guards from the special militia troop „Titan“.

MPs signed the appeal concerning the illegal detention of Grigorishin. This appeal, in particular, reads: „We assess the detention of Konstantin Grigorishin as a rude provocation initiated by criminals and corrupted officials for grabbing the property of profitable enterprises. Such actions threaten not only the Russian-Ukrainian relations and the investment climate in our country, but also the lots of many thousands of Ukrainian citizens, who may loose their jobs next day.

We appeal to the President of Ukraine, to the Speaker of the Supreme Rada, to the Prime-Minister, to the General Prosecutor of Ukraine, to MPs, to heads of militia and the USS with the demand to stop immediately the illegal actions directed against K. Grigorishin and to punish the instigators of this provocation“.

What happened vividly demonstrated again that there are no law and order in Ukraine. Neither Ukrainian citizens nor citizens of other states can feel them safe in our country, neither deputy’s ID (which, according to Ukrainian laws, guarantees the inviolability) nor armed guards (by the way, the guards disappeared from the place of the crime several moments before the attack and reappeared only when everything was over) can protect them from criminal attacks, and law-enforcers are still obedient puppets in the hands of criminals and are the most convenient executors of such actions.

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