13.12.2002 | Inna Sukhorukova, Kharkiv

Public organizations of Odessa protest against the abuse of social and economic rights


Odessa public organisations continue to protest against the rise of the payments for communal services, fare in the route taxis and against the sale of the land plots at the seaside of Odessa to some officials for private building.

On 17 December 2002 the public organisations "Braterstvo", "Narodny kontrol" and "Ukrainske bratstvo", together with the local branches of the opposition party "Batkivshchina" and Communist party, picketed the session of the city council to prevent the adoption of the corresponding decisions. In spite of the public protests, the decision on rising the tariffs was approved by the deputies of the city council. The payments for communal services were doubled. On 20 December Odessa dwellers are going to resume the protest actions.

Eduard Gurvits, the ex-mayor of Odessa, an MP and a member of the fraction "Our Ukraine", commented the results of the session: "The decision of the session of the Odessa city council has neither economic nor juridical grounds".

In his interview to radio "Liberty" Mr. Gurvits declared that in such a way the power switches on the regime of self-destruction. It cannot function any more without issuing the decisions, which are unfavorable for citizens and are impossible to fulfil. The life of Odessa inhabitants becomes more and more difficult. Together with the rise in prices one can recollect the increasing in crime, darkness in streets, absence of heat in winter. Many traffic lights are broken, what made the road accidents more frequent. Odessa dwellers and Gurvits blame the city council and Odessa mayor Ruslan Bodelian for all their troubles.

Unfortunately, Odessa is not the only region of Ukraine, where the social strain has grown recently.

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