A partner of the publishing house „Taki spravy“ is still staying behind the bars


On 21 December the judicial chamber in charge of criminal cases of the Appeal court of Kyiv considered the complaint of advocates Bogdan Ferents and Valeriy Kornilov against the verdict of the Solomenski court of Kyiv concerning Valentin Romanov, a partner of the publishing house „Taki spravy“. The court satisfied the complaint partly. „We are not contented with the decision of the Appeal court“, said V. Kornilov, „and we are going to lodge the cassation. In our appeal complaint we asked to change the verdict by closing the criminal persecution of V. Romanov according to Articles 27 part 5, 212 part 3, 336 part 2 and 205 part 1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine because of the absence of corpus delicti“. The court decided that Romanov’s actions were committed after the preliminary agreement with a responsible representative of the publishing house „Taki spravy“. „This is an absurd. This court decision will be the basis for the retrial“, V. Kornilov stated.

V. Romanov was condemned to six and a half years of incarceration. His advocates believe that the verdict of the district court contradicts the demands of Article 323 of the Criminal-Procedural Code, is illegal and groundless. It happened because of the narrowness and imperfection of the investigation, discrepancy between the actual context of the case and the conclusions of the court, serious violations of the criminal-procedural laws, incorrect use of the criminal legislation, disproportion between the gravity of the offence and the imposed penalty.

22 January 2003

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