Kuchma again got to the list of enemies of the press


The organization “Reporters without frontiers” published their annual report on the state of the freedom of the press in 2002 in 156 countries and the list of 42 main enemies of the press. President Leonid Kuchma was included to this list again. “In 2002”, the report reads, “62% of Ukrainian journalists stated that they underwent the political censorship. Actually, more and more TV and radio channels, as well as informational agencies and regional media, are controlled by President Kuchma’s clique, which does not admit any criticism. Since 1991 about 20 journalists were murdered, and the quantity of brutal attacks at journalists increases rapidly, especially in the provinces”.

Along with Kuchma, the Presidents of five more former USSR republics got into this list: Putin (Russia), Lukashenko (Byelorussia), Nazarbayev (Kazakhstan), Niyazov (Turkmenistan), Karimov (Uzbekistan), as well as the leaders of Zimbabwe, Togo, Bangladesh, the Saudi Arabia, Iran, Cuba, Israel, the heads of the Chechen mafia, Spanish ETA and Islamic groups.

“Since these people”, the “Reporters” write, “endanger the everyone’s right to inform and to be informed, the public must know their names.”


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