Lviv mayor had no right to drive a journalist out from the press conference


The Appeal court of the Lviv oblast partly satisfied the claim of Bogdan Kufrik, a journalist of the Lviv newspaper “Express”, against Lviv mayor Lubomir Buniak.

The court recognized that the mayor exceed his authority demanding from the journalist to leave the hall of the Lviv town council, where the press conference of Lubomir Buniak was hold.

However, the court rejected the demands of the journalist to recompense him the moral damage.

The Appeal court considered the appeal of the journalist against the decision of the Galitskiy district court, which did not find any violations of laws in the actions of Lviv mayor. The Appeal court reversed the decision of the local court.

On 7 August 2002 Lubomir Buniak asked Bogdan Kufrik to leave the hall, where the mayor’s press conference devoted to the tragedy on the airdrome “Sknyliv”, which happened on 27 July 2002, was conducted. The mayor substantiated his demand saying that the newspaper “Express” elucidated in a biased way his activities during the preparation of the festival, when the airplane fell on the spectators. After this the journalist turned to the court.

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