15.12.2003 | G. Antoniuk, Ternopil

With people and for the sake of people


Next year the Ternopil oblast charity historical and educational society “Memorial” named after V. Stus will celebrate the 15 thanniversary of its activities. Looking back at the fulfilled work, the members of the society may say with proud that their activities were not fruitless. They organized the excavations of burial places of the Ukrainian patriots, who were re-buried with the proper honors. Monuments and memorial complexes were erected in almost all Ukrainian settlements. For example, a symbolic grave was built on the Mikulinets cemetary in Ternopil. The names of more than one thousand political prisoners, who were tortured to death in the Ternopil prison in June-July 1941, are hewed on the tombstone. Every year “Memorial” conducts commemorative meetings and dirges near this grave. Jointly with the Ternopil town council the society realized the reconstruction of the graves of Ukrainian Sech warriors. Last year they collected money and mounted the Commemorative Board to the victims of political repressions on the wall of the former KGB building. It is practically impossible to found a family in the Ternopil oblast, which was not affected by repressions. It should be enough to say that only during the 40s-50s more than 215 thousand persons were coercively transported from the Western Ukraine to concentration camps, many of them perished. The members of “Memorial” helped to immortalize this tragedy in the museums of political repressions, which exist in Ternopil, Buchach, Chortkiv and Skalat. And recently “Memorial” turned to the President of Ukraine with the request to assist with the erection of the monument to our fellow-countrymen, who perished in the camps, in the settlement Abez, Syberia.

“Memorial” wants to learn the historical truth about the crimes of communist regime, they demand to try the organizers and executor of the terror. With this aim they conducted the public hearings “Communism is a dead end of civilization”. They have already collected a great number of evidence of the witnesses, documents and photographs, which they plan to publish as a separate book. Activists of “Memorial” organize the lectures in educational establishments, celebrations of memorable days, scientific and practical conferences. The newspaper “Dzvin”, which is published from the very beginning of the activities of this organization, also fulfills a large amount of national-patriotic and educational work.

All this was said at the 5 thaccounting-elective conference of the oblast organization of “Memorial”. Oksana Vitlynska, the head of the oblast directorate in charge of the question of internal politics, and representatives of public organizations took part in the conference. Bogdan Khavarivskiy, the manager of the oblast state archive, was elected to the post of the head of oblast “Memorial”, Anton Gritsyshin became his deputy.

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