Distrainment of property of the Kirovograd TV company “TTV”


On 16 July the officers of the court distrained upon the property of “TTV”, a private Kirovograd TV company. They executed the court decision on the claim of Vladimir Yaroshenko about the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation. The Kamenskiy court issued the verdict about the compensation of the moral damage equivalent to 300 thousand hryvnas inflicted to the ex-candidate to the post of Kirovograd mayor. The appeal court of the Cherkassy oblast approved the verdict.

Yulia Kuchitskaya, a deputy head of the department of state executive service of Leninskiy district, stated that she acted according to Article 63 of the Law of Ukraine “On court execution”, since there was no resolution of the Supreme Court on the suspension of the verdict of the local court. The property was seized and deposited to Viktor Shmidt, who, by the opinion of the court officer, was an unconcerned person. Representatives of “TTV”, on the contrary, regard Shmidt as an interested party, since he also had legal proceedings with the TV company and won the case.

It is noteworthy that the attempts to seize the property of the company were made formerly, but these attempts failed because of the absence of the manager and chief accountant. On 16 June they were absent too. The journalists do not tell where their administration was, and why the collective was left to the mercy of fate in the critical moment.

Now the rooms of the TV company are sealed and the company does not work. This is incomprehensible, since the procedure of distrain does not prohibit the use of the property for the work. Another unexpected factor affected the situation: an anonymous person phoned to militia and informed that the rooms of “TTV” were mine-strewn. Militia could not find any explosive.

The center for monitoring of the freedom of speech carries out the expertise of this conflict.

Kirovograd Association “Public initiatives”

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