Claim against Nina Ptashkina, the author of the article about bribe-takers


This trial broke all records in many aspects. Firstly, Nina Ptashkina is tried for the article published in the newspaper “Vedomosti” almost 6 years ago – on 6 November 1997. Secondly, the trial lasts already for three years. For three times the court of the first instance issued the decisions, and for three times the appeal court nullified these decisions and directed the case for the repeated consideration. One of such decisions was taken several days ago.

The lawsuit was caused by the article about bribe-takers. The article was written by Ms. Ptashkina in the connection with the detention of several lecturers for taking bribes from students during the summer examinations.

Two and a half years after the publication one of the detained (by that time the criminal case against him had been closed) turned to court with the claim on the protection of honor, dignity and business reputation. He demanded from the author of the article to recompense him the moral damage equivalent to 500 thousand hryvnas. The court, by its own initiative, prolonged the term of handing the suit (which may not exceed 1 year) and obliged N. Ptashkina to pay 500 hryvnas. Two following considerations resulted in the verdicts in favor of the defendant. Yet, the claimant craves for the punishment of the journalist; today he demands 300 thousand hryvnas.

Kirovograd Association “Public initiatives”

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