Radio «Liberty» will be transmitted in Ukraine only on short waves


After 17 February the Ukrainian citizens will be deprived of the opportunity to listen the radio «Liberty» in the FM range. This decision was approved by the new administration of the TV and radio organization «Dovira» headed by Sergiy Kichigin, who has become recently the general producer of this organization. «The features of the radio «Liberty» in its present form do not correspond with the new conception, they must be reformed. We must exclude the radio «Liberty» from the radio air until this reform would be completed», reads the official letter to the administration of the Ukrainian service of the radio «Liberty» (the new conception of the TV and radio organization «Dovira» developed by Sergiy Kichigin is meant).

Tomas Dyne, the President of the corporation «Free Europe» - radio «Liberty»», sharply criticized the decision of the new administration of «Dovira».

We want to remind that radio «Liberty» has broadcasted its features on the frequency of radio «Dovira» for last five years.

«This is a political step against democracy, against the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. This is a step against the radio «Liberty», the step that demonstrates, for the umpteenth time, that the government of Ukraine cannot live in open society and has to control the media, as it was done in the old good Soviet times», declared President of the corporation «Free Europe» - radio «Liberty»» Tomas Dyne.

According to the words of Enver Safir, the manager of the department of marketing and arrangement of features of the Bureau of foreign broadcasting of the United States of America, «Dovira» concluded the contract not with the corporation «Free Europe» - radio «Liberty»», but with the Bureau of foreign broadcasting. According to this contract, «Dovira» must notify the Bureau about the decision to stop the broadcasting of the Ukrainian service of radio «Liberty» a month before the day of cancellation of the contract.

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