Editor-in-chief of the informational agency “Status Quo” was dismissed in Kharkov


 The appeal of Vladimir Chistilin, the editor-in-chief of the informational agency “Status Quo” (the only regional informational agency in Kharkov) describes one more violation of human rights and the norms of operating laws.

Vladimir Chistilin claimed about the attempt of his dismissal because of political reasons. “I am forced to hand in the application on resignation on my own initiative, since I, the head of the informational agency “Status Quo”, refused to fulfill the political order to agitate for candidate to President’s post Viktor Yanukovich”.

By words of V. Chistilin, he, being the editor-in-chief and executive secretary of an influential Kharkov mass medium, is seriously worried with the situation connected with violations of the freedom of speech and meddling of director of “Status Quo” into the editorial policy of the agency. Mr. Chistilin also expressed his disagreement with pressure on journalists of “Status Quo” and the attempts of political censorship, which are applied to the collective during the current election campaign.

Vladimir Chistilin believes that biased elucidation of the political events in Ukraine, as well as the tendency of presentation of materials in favor of only one candidate to presidency, violate the legal rights of journalists and contradict a number of laws of Ukraine, in particular, the laws “On information” and “On informational agencies”.

“We have never and nowhere seen the situation similar to the situation in Ukraine on the eve of presidential election”, numerous international observers say. Political figures, journalists and common citizens are saying the same. Yet, it seems that those, who provoke this outrage, neglect these words. They continue to do their dirty work. To violate human rights. To break the operating laws… And the appeals about the violations only stimulate them to new, more and more brutal, methods of struggle with dissent.

P.S. Chistilin had been dismissed on 29 October for absence from work, but was familiarized with the order only on 1 November.


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