The number of people, who voted in the Kharkiv region, is more than the quantity of permanent population


The observers believe that about 10 thousands of false bulletins were thrown to ballot boxes in election circuit No. 183 of the Zmiyov district.

The facts in favor of this hypothesis:

-  the number of people, who voted in the district, is 10 thousand more than the quantity of permanent population of the district;

-  all in all, 12 thousand persons in the region could not take part in the voting because of errors in the lists of voters.

The «throwing in» of the false bulletins was realized by the members of the commissions. A bulletin, which is fold in four and thrown into a box, means that there are one or two bulletins «for Yanukovich» inside this folded bulletin.

As a rule, every district election commission in the district included one or two members from V. Yushchenko. According to the law, a protocol can be acknowledged as valid even if one or two members of the commission did not sign it. So, the heads of DEC presented the prepared beforehand protocols without signatures of the commissions’ members from V. Yushchenko.

Now, by the order of the district state administration, the heads of village councils conduct the monitoring of the cases of non-appearance of villagers to the election with the aim to learn the needed quantity of bulletins «for Yanukovich».

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