One more verdict for falsification was pronounced in the Kirovograd region


The Petrivskiy district court of the Kirovograd region condemned the head of district election commission No. 168 of territorial election circuit No. 104 to three years of deprivation of liberty for falsification of the results of voting in the first tour of the election of the President of Ukraine.

The criminal case was started on 22 December 2004 by the prosecutor of the Petrivskiy district on the fact of forgery of the election documents (Article 158 part 3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

In the course of investigation it was established that on 31 October 2004, about 7 p.m., the box with bulletins and 45 bulletins had disappeared from the room for voting at district election station No. 168 of territorial election circuit No. 104.

Some time later the members of the commission find the lost in the adjacent room, at that all 45 bulletins were filled in with the same ink and the same handwriting.

The prosecutor’s office disclosed that all these bulletins had been filled in by the head of the commission, at that the latter entered the inauthentic data about the person, which had issued the bulletins, and personally wrote the marks about the voting for candidate to President’s post Viktor Yanukovich.

The court acknowledged the woman to be guilty of commitment of the crime envisaged by part 3 Article 158 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. the court applied Article 69 of the CCU (imposition of punishment more light that it is envisaged by law) and condemned the accused to three years of incarceration with prohibition to take part in the activities connected with election during three years.

The court verdict has not come into force yet and may be appealed.


28 March 2005

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