«Maydan» and «PORA!» protested against the secret edicts of the President


On 26 April, about 4 p.m., the action «For printing» was held near the residence of the President of Ukraine at Bankova Street. Participants of the action protested against the practice of illegal classification of normative-legal acts, in particular, the use of classification «not for publishing», not envisaged by any Ukrainian law, regarding President’s edicts and the documents of other organs of state power.

The all-Ukrainian organization «PORA!» and the Alliance of public activists «Maydan» demand from the power not to exceed the bounds of the Law «On state secrets» and to publish the documents, which are liable to this Law. Besides, they demand to publish the illegally classified normative-legal acts of Kuchma’s regime, and to make public all, without exceptions, documents of the organs of local power and local self-government, as it is stipulated by Ukrainian legislation.

The action was merry and venomous. The participants not only organized the ceremonial carrying-out of a «secret Edict», but also the use of «newspapers not for reading», «food not for eating», «clothes not for wearing» and «condoms not for using».

The State Secretariat got, instead of the traditional bread and salt, a great burger with Edicts.

The organizers of the action carried to the State Secretariat a letter, which explained the essence of their demands and insincerity of the deeds of new power. In what follows we present the text of this letter.

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