A new TV Documentary “The Truth about our rights”


The foundation “Force of the law” is offering to provide on request to public human rights  organizations, individual human rights protectors, informal groups, associations and unions, TV broadcasters and other mass media their TV Documentary “The Truth about our rights” (about human rights issues during 2004-2005). The film was made within the framework of the project “The annual video report on human rights”.

This film presents, in the interesting artistic form, the events, which have taken place in the sphere of human rights protection during this period. The film is available on DVD, CD and VHS carriers. The film will be sent to many state agencies, to the Supreme Council, ombudsperson, non-governmental and donor organizations, Minister, political parties, etc. The film will be also provided in the professional format to regional TV organizations for translation.

Besides, there is other video production made by the TV studio of our organization; the list of this production is contained in the appended questionnaire. The film “Truth about the rights” can be also ordered by foreign organizations – it is translated into English.

Respected colleagues, I also want to remind that our organization is forming the permanently functioning video archive on human rights. In the framework of this project you can invite our camera group to interesting human rights protection actions in your region. Turn to me, Oleg Spornikov, by phones: 044-5920383, 067-2099359 (cell); e-mail: [email protected].
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