Chortkiv public protests against the amendments to the Constitution


On 25 December 2005 a public conference devoted to a likely collision course as a result of the “constitutional reform” was held in Chortkiv. An appeal to the President of Ukraine and the Head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was adopted at the conference.

The participants of the conference stated: “The Constitutional Court must put an end to this legal crisis. We are therefore calling on you, as the guarantor of the Constitution of Ukraine and the Head of the supreme legislative assembly, to accelerate the forming of the new composition of the Constitutional Court and to present, as soon as possible, a petiton to the Court to rule on the conformity of the Laws of Ukraine “On introducing amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine” and “On the status of deputies of local councils” with the Constitution of Ukraine.

We hope that the Constitutional Court of Ukraine will demonstrate high professionalism and will adopt decisions in keeping with the principles of the rule of law.

We are sure that any political expedience may not abuse the expression of people’s will. We would remind you that, according to the Constitution of Ukraine (Article 5), “the right to establish and change the constitutional order in Ukraine belongs only to people and cannot be usurped by the state, its organs or officers”.

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