Aleksandr Kazulin’s health has deteriorated


The Belarusian ex-presidential candidate who is serving a five and a half year sentence is protesting against the regime of Aleksandr Lukashenko.

Seven weeks ago he declared a hunger strike.

The administration of the Vitebsk penal colony report that Kazulin’s state of health has deteriorated, his blood pressure has dropped, as has his body temperature. He now weighs only 64 kilograms against 90 before he began his hunger strike.

The camp administration have allowed him several visits from his wife, hoping that she will persuade him to give up his protest. Belarusian human rights and political figures have also called on Kazulin to cease the hunger strike.

However Aleksandr Kazulin is refusing to end his protest or to be hospitalized. Among other demands, he is calling for review of the issue of Belarus in the UN Security Council.

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