Ukraine’s international commitments over the Danube – Black Sea canal won’t be forgotten


During an interview on 10 May, spokesperson for the European Commissioner for External Relations and Neighbourhood Policy Christiane Hohmann emphasized that Ukraine must adhere to its obligations before the international community with respect to the deep-water Danube – Black Sea canal

“With regard to the opening of this canal … we would stress how important it is that Ukraine honour its multilateral agreements and other commitments given to the international community on this project.”

“I can assure you that we will be regularly discussing, including with Ukraine, this project and all possible consequences of its implementation”, she added.

The deep-water Danube – Black Sea canal was opened for shipping on 10 May. It took four years to build.

Environmental organizations have criticized the project as they believe that the canal will damage the environment.


This canal and the way the decision was taken to build it are indeed of great concern to environmentalists, and not only in Ukraine.  Please see the too links here for more information on this subject: and

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