Ukrainian Prosecutor General seems to have missed the crime


The Kyiv Independent Media Trade Union is bemused over the statement by Prosecutor General Oleksandr Medvedko who stated on Friday 7 July that the investigators do not have sufficient evidence to prosecute Party of the Regions National Deputy Oleh Kalashnikov.

“The Media Trade Union is aware of a sufficient amount of evidence having been available last summer. There is, for example, the conclusion of the investigators from the Pechersky prosecutor’s office who established that Oleh Kalashnikov was implicated in the assault on journalist Margarita Sytnyk and cameraman Volodymyr Novosad”, Mykhailyna Skoryk, Head of the Trade Union stated.

“Kyiv journalists are outraged by the fact that in a year a simple case involving obstruction of journalists in their work has not reached the court. And this is despite the fact that the assault on the STB team has been established, there are witnesses, the relevant statements from the victims, and Margarita Sytnyk has regularly been going to the Prosecutor General’s office to give testimony.  Due to the clear wish of the investigation unit to stall this case, the Kyiv Independent Media Trade Union is calling on its colleagues to attend a picket on Thursday 12 July at 11.00 outside the Prosecutor General’s office (Riznytsa St, 13/8). We will in this way fittingly mark the anniversary of this attack. The committee of the Kyiv Independent Media Trade Union is also planning to remind the leadership of the Party of the Regions of their promise to expel Kalashnikov from the party. The Trade Union will demand that his name is not included on the Party of the Regions candidate list at the coming elections. The Kyiv Independent Media Trade Union is convinced that this is the only way that the Party of the Regions will manage to prove to society that their claims to entirely support the development of freedom of speech in Ukraine are true.

Kyiv Independent Media Trade Union


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