Lviv’s Mayor accused of putting pressure on journalists


A number of journalists from many media outlets have endorsed an open letter made public on 18 July in support of the Lviv City Council newspaper “Ratusz”.

The letter demands that the Mayor Andriy Sadovy “stops putting pressure on the editorial staff and suspends any actions on restructuring until after a legislative base appears for the privatizing of municipal media outlets”.

The letter calls for the reinstatement of the Chief Editor whom they believe to have been dismissed and the victim of persecution due to critical remarks made about the Lviv City Council. 

“The situation which has arisen recently over the Lviv City Council newspaper “Ratusz” puts to shame our city which at all times was considered a bastion of freedom and democracy”.

The letter points out that Mr Sadovy was elected as a representative of Nasha Ukraina, and had the support of PORA at the elections, making such pressure on freedom of speech like a “knife in the back for the Orange forces and specifically the President voted for by the people.”  

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