Long-awaited explanation


On Thursday 20 September, 10 days before the elections, the Central Election Commission finally approved guiding notes on the procedure fro checks by district electoral commissions of applications to vote from home.

According to CEC Secretary Tetyana Lukash, voters if they are unable to get to a polling station must apply to their district electoral commission to have home voting arranged for them.  Their application must state the reason for not being mobile.

The district electoral commission has the right to check the information in this application by visiting and questioning the voter. Groups are to be created for this purpose with no less than three members of the commission, with these having to be representatives of different parliamentary factions, with mandatory inclusion of members of the coalition and the opposition.

The results of these inspections are to be set down in a special journal.

Ms Lukash reminded people that the applications must be submitted no later than 20.00 on 28 September.  If the voter has not cancelled this request by 12.00 on 29 September, the district electoral commission is obliged to provide the person with the opportunity to vote.

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