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The Memorial Human Rights Centre believes the attempt by the Chechen Prosecutor to liquidate the office of the British Centre for Peacemaking and Community Development to have political overtones. The head of the Centre Oleg Orlov said that it was entirely clear that this was part of the political games around the worsening in relations between Russia and Britain.

“Now the authorities are playing these games at the expense of humanitarian organizations which are of benefit to Russian citizens. It’s terrible”

Mr Orlov said that his colleagues had worked with the Centre for Peacemaking, and he stressed that the organization worked actively and well in rehabilitation of children who have suffered from the war. He added that their work was involved exclusively with humanitarian assistance and awareness-raising.

The Prosecutor has claimed in justification for the application to have the Centre for Peacemaking closed down that there had been flagrant violations of the present provisions on the procedure for the opening and activities of branches of foreign firms, banks and organizations.

The Centre for Peacemaking and Community Development is a Russian-British nongovernmental organization whose main mission is to disseminate the ideas and values of peacemaking and non-violent conflict resolution. Its main areas are human rights work, non-violence, community development and humanitarian aid. It also has offices in Moscow, Nazran, Nalchyk, Makhachkale and Cherkesske.

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