In 2008 Strasbourg awarded damages against Ukraine of 20.5 million UAH


The Minister of Justice Mykola Onishchuk reported at a press conference on Tuesday that the European Court of Human Rights had issued judgments against Ukraine with damages awarded mounting to 20.5 million UAH.  He added that since Ukraine had ratified the European Convention on Human Rights in 1997, the European Court of Human Rights had passed around 500 judgments which had found Ukraine guilty of violating the rights enshrined in the Convention.

He also mentioned that Ukraine has the fourth largest number of applications to the Court in Strasbourg, after the Russian Federation with the most, then Turkey and Romania. Ukrainians have, over the last 10 years lodged around 8.5 thousand applications. The Minister acknowledges that the Ukrainian judicial system is not meeting the public’s needs with regard to an effective and fair justice system.  

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