“Unfair” ads prohibition revoked


The Pechersky District Court in Kyiv on Wednesday revoked its own prohibition from 22 September pending review of a civil suit. As reported this banned any “unfair” [nedobrosovisna is that which is not done with good conscience] advertisements regarding Tymoshenko’s activities”, as well as any other unfair social advertising and publish it in any way before a specific law suit was examined on its merits.

Judging from the copy of the ruling published in the media, the new decision is because the claimant withdrew their suit against Petro Pidlubny, which prompted the “bad ad” ban. 

The prohibition was so sweeping that it raised considerable indignation among the public. As reported here, the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union with bar lawyer Viacheslav Yakubenko lodged an appeal, asserting that the ruling was unlawful and unwarranted, and violated their rights

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