Death of detainee in the Poltava region


A 36-year-old man has died in the Poltavsky [Poltava] Raion Police Station after being detained on suspicion of stealing a scooter.

According to the Head of the Public Relations Department of the Central Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs [MIA] for the Poltava Region, Yury Supayev, the police received a report on 29 November that a scooter had been stolen in the village of Rossoshentsi in the Poltava Raion, a district of the Poltava oblast. They spoke with the victim and witnesses and say that they were given good grounds for suspecting a 36-year-old resident of the village with a criminal record.  Mr Supayev says that police officers went to his home several times, but nobody answered. “It was only in the evening of the following day when nobody again opened the door when the police knocked, that the latter pretended to go away, but actually waited until the suspect came out into the courtyard. During the attempt to detain him, the man began to resist and one of the police officers used force”, he adds.  Later the man was detained and taken to the Poltavsky Raion Police Station where “around 21.00 he became ill and fell to the floor. The ambulance pronounced him dead.”

The police have informed the Poltava Raion Prosecutor’s Office which has initiated a criminal investigation into the death. According to preliminary information from the investigators, the man died of a blunt stomach injury which caused problems with his spleen. A more exact cause is awaited from the forensic medical experts.  According to the Poltava Raion Prosecutor, Yury Krylevets, the police officer involved has been detained on suspicion of the crimes foreseen in Article 365 § 3 and Article 121 § 2 of the Criminal Code – exceeding official powers with grave consequences and deliberately inflicting fatal bodily injuries.  If the charges are proven, the police officer could face from 7 to 10 years imprisonment.

From information at UNIAN and Ukraina Moloda

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