Big Brother Order for educational institutions revoked


In an Order issued on 14 June 2010, the Deputy Head of the Kyiv City State Administration and Head of the Department of Education and Science revoked an extraordinary Order from 22 April 2010, published here a few days ago.
That Order ( assigned people in each educational institution responsible for “providing information regarding the city authorities, enhancing the quality of information and analytical material on socio-political and highly publicized events in the city and districts”. This was supposedly aimed at “increasing the attention of the President’s Administration leadership to information regarding the city authorities”, and this information was to be sent to the department of internal policy of the State administration
The Order issued on 14 June mentions that the previous Order was passed by teachers to the Kharkiv Human Rights Group, and states that in order to prevent breach of citizens constitutional rights to freedom of speech, information, freedom of assembly and freedom of convictions, the previous Order is revoked as having been issued with violation of Ukrainian legislation.
It also orders that a letter be written to the Head of the Sviatoshynsk District Administration stressing that it is inadmissible for civil servants to interpret the law as they see fit, and suggesting that disciplinary measures be taken with regard to the relevant officials “whose actions led to adverse publicity in Ukraine and undermine the authority of the city authorities”.

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