Nico Lange, Director of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, held at Kyiv airport on SBU instructions


Nico Lange, the director of the Kyiv Office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation was detained at Kyiv Airport for around 10 hours on Sunday. He was informed that this was on the instructions of the Ukrainian Security Service [SBU]. He was given no reason for being held for 10 hours in a room for illegal immigrants waiting to be deported. “I was treated like all the other people there, like a person without a valid passport or visa. I was allowed to buy myself something to eat, or go to the toilet, but not to leave the area”.

Mr Lange rang the German Embassy in Ukraine and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.  Efforts began to sort the situation out, however he was still only allowed into the country at around 12.30 a.m., i.e. 10 hours later.

Mr Lange reiterates that he was given no reason, and says that the fact that he was in the end allowed into the country means that it must have been a misunderstanding. He assumes that the Ukrainian and German side will have contact over the matter, but says that he is inclined to see his permitted entry as the end of the matter.

This is somewhat difficult given a recent article by Nico Lange entitled "The first 100 Days after Change of Power in Ukraine: Authoritarian Tendencies and Rapprochement with Russia"  (, reposted here:

At around the same time he gave an interview to the Ukrainian Service of Deutsche Welle, reiterating the same key concerns. That article was entitled “Ukraine has moved away from democratic standards” (,,5643430,00.html)

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