MIA to consider a curfew for minors


The Ministry of Internal Affairs considers it expedient to introduce a curfew for minors at legislative level. This was stated today during a press conference in Kyiv by the Deputy Head of Criminal Police on Juvenile Matters, Viktor Suranovych.
Mr Suranovych asserted that this was necessary because minors should not be out on the streets in the evening alone, while on the other hand parents should know where their children are.
In this context he noted that this issue needed to be worked out in terms of age requirements. “This needs to be worked out in detail so as not to violate citizens’ constitutional rights.”
In some cities the local authorities have already introduced such a curfew. Children are not allowed in public places, restaurants, shopping or entertainment places, in courtyards and entrances to apartment blocks, public transport, etc, if not accompanied by parents or those replacing them.
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