Serhiy Andrushko’s attempt to have his rights defended again adjourned


The hearing into TV STB journalist, Serhiy Andrushko’s appeal against the refusal by the Prosecutor to initiate a criminal investigation over obstruction of his professional activities has been rescheduled for 13 December. The reason was that the respondent, representing the Holosiyivsky District Prosecutor’s Office did not appear, nor was the material regarding the refusal provided.

Serhiy Andrushko is asking that the decision from 1 July this year rejecting his application for a criminal investigation be revoked. He asks also that the material be returned for an additional check.

STB journalist, Serhiy Andrushko had full accreditation and was carrying out his professional duties when, on Tuesday 15 June he was approached by one of the President’s guards who refused to provide identification. When the journalist warned that he would film the incident, he was thrown to the ground. The picture can be seen here:

Despite assurances that the matter would be looked into, the guard’s name has not been revealed, and he has not been dismissed.

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