SBU interrogate journalists over criminal investigation from 2008


On Monday 13 December 2010 the SBU [Security Service] confirmed that they had questioned the Deputy Editor of an Internet publication for 10 hours in a criminal investigation dating back to 2008 regarding unauthorized interference in the work of mobile communications networks. Kirylo Baranov, Deputy Editor of the Internet publication “Fraza” was held at the SBU for 10 hours on Friday although he reports that the actual questioning only lasted an hour and a half.

According to the SBU, a suspect in a criminal investigation was arrested on 13 December in Chernihiv. The Head of the SBU Public Relations Office stated that Mr Baranov had given information about the suspect’s whereabouts.

It was also reported on Monday that the Editor of the weekly “Commentaries”, Viktoria Podu has also been summoned to the SBU for questioning on 14 December.  Ms Podu, who is the Editor of the Markets and Companies section of the publication, says she does not know what the summons is about.

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