IFES criticizes plans to reinstate mixed electoral system


The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has published its Review and Analysis of the Draft Law on the Election of People’s Deputies of Ukraine.  It can be read in full here.

The organization states that in November 2010, the Government of Ukraine issued a presidential decree to create a working group to “[bring] the election law in conformity with generally accepted international democratic standards.” Upon conclusion of the working group meetings this spring, the Ministry of Justice put forward a draft parliamentary election law. In June of this year, the Ministry formally requested that IFES review this draft law.

Compiled by IFES experts David Ennis and Gavin Weise, the assessment provides IFES’ expert opinion on the draft that could become law as early as October.

The document analyzes the key changes in the draft law in relation to the electoral system, the registration of candidates and observers, the electoral campaign and campaign finance, and the adjudication of electoral disputes.  It also reviews the working group process itself, concluding that it did not satisfy the stated objective of soliciting expert analysis on many aspects of the new legislation.

IFES notes that the working group should reconvene on 27 September in Kyiv to discuss further changes to the draft law. It warns, however, that the opportunity for such changes may be limited however, as the draft law is now expected to be introduced into the parliament for debate as early as this week.

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