Search again underway of Kharkiv publication Glavnoye


Despite the proximity of elections and the supposed ban on checks in the pre-election period, the Internet publication and newspaper Glavnoye has again been subjected to a search.  Glavnoye is in the same premises as the company Investor and the Basis Bank.  Investor is owned by the former Governor of the Kharkiv oblast and opposition figure, Arsen Avakov who is presently in Italy following criminal proceedings having been initiated against him over alleged "abuse of power" at the beginning of 2012.  Avakov was expected to run in the parliamentary elections and was considered to have a good chance of being elected.

The editorial staff have all been made to wait on the street.  No explanation has been given for the search.

This is the second time that Glavnoye has been subjected to a search. The first took place in July 2011. 

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