Party of the Regions campaigners in Kyiv pretend to be from electoral commission


Kateryna Dyachuk, a journalist from the Institute for Mass Information reports that a representative of electoral precinct No. 800247 in electoral district No. 215 (the Desnyansky District in Kyiv) tried to campaign on behalf of the Party of the Regions.

She says that she received a phone call on her home telephone from a person who said she was from the electoral commission, did not give her name and proceded to ask whether all members of the family would be voting.

Having heard that yes, they would all be voting, the person asked what their attitude was to the Party of the Regions.  Ms Dyachuk realized that the woman was campaigning and directly asked whether this was the case. The woman admitted it was and apparently put the phone down when Ms Dyachuk said that she was not a supporter of the Party of the Regions.

IMI asked Taras Sluchyk from the civic movement CHESNO to comment. He says that if the person is a member of the precinct commission, such activities are illegal.

He says that all such cases should receive maximum coverage from the outset. 

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