In Memoriam: Rostyslav Dotsenko


The death has taken place of Rostyslav Dotsenko, literary critic, translator, writer and former political prisoner.  Mr Dotsenko died on 24 October, aged 81.  He was a member of the National Society of Political Prisoners and Victims of Repression and the laureate of various awards. 

Rostyslav Dotsenko was arrested in February 1953 during the last wave of Stalin’s terror (the dictator died in March that year) for circulating “bourgeois nationalist” writers – the works of the pivotal figures in Ukraine’s history M. Hrushevsky and V. Vynnychenko and others.  He was sentenced under Article 54-1 § 2 of the Criminal Code to 8 years imprisonment.  In the labour camp he co-founded a “Group of Revolutionary Marxists” for which he was sentenced to yet another 7 years.   He was released in April 1963. 

Despite frequent difficulties from the Soviet authorities, Dotsenko was able to finish his university education and became a prolific translator of works from English and Polish, and literary critic. 

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