Little support for split into two separate states


The vast majority of Ukrainian citizens do NOT support the idea of “creating two independent states on Ukrainian territory – on the basis of the southern and eastern oblasts and the western and central oblasts”.  The relevant survey was carried out by the authoritative Razumkov Centre in all regions of the country in March 2012, with 2009 respondents in all..

Mykhailo Mishchenko told Radio Svoboda that they had asked people whether they supported such a schism, proposed in 2005 at a congress in Severodonetsk.  In 2005 only 5% of the population supported the idea. In March the percentage was even smaller – 3.6%, with 18% saying they didn’t know.  It is noteworthy also that the number of those who supported such a division had fallen also in the east and south of the country.

Respondents were asked to say which situation they preferred:

Unitary state with regions having the same powers as now                                  41.4%

Unitary state with regions having their powers extended                                      23.1%

Federal state                                                                                                     7.4%

Creation on Ukrainian territory of several independent countries                           1.2%

Secession of individual regions and their joining other countries                            4.1%

Hard to say                                                                                                       23%

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