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President asked to extend preparation stage for national human rights strategy


A number of human rights organizations including the Kharkiv Human Rights Group have addressed an open appeal to Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.  They express support for the planned National Strategy on human rights initiated by presidential decree No. 811 from Oct 15 and note the public’s expectation that such a Strategy will begin systemic and consistent moves to resolve fundamental human rights issues.  There is ample evidence of the need for this in the numerous European Court of Human Rights judgements against Ukraine; the conclusions and recommendations of international organizations and structures; the demands of Maidan.  There is, in addition, the signatories point out, an urgent need to resolve problems linked with the occupation of part of Ukraine’s territory and the military aggression in the east of the country.

It is vital, they stress, that the Strategy is the result of public consensus and participation as equals of different bodies and the public.

They point out that foreign experience has shown that it is not only the end product that is important, but the process of drawing up this strategy, and that this is also a unifying factor.

The tight framework proposed, however, does not enable full public participation in the process.  They therefore ask the President to extend the period set aside for preparation.   The appeal is open for endorsement here:

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