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today 30.09.2016 13:08
(by Kyiv time)


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Everyday death under Kremlin-backed militant rule


Oleksy Svyetikov reports the senseless death of Alexander Polivanov, a young man from the town-settlement Naholno-Tarasivka [in the city Rovenki].  On Nov 28 the 22-year-old and a friend went for a beer to the local bar. Two ‘Cossacks’, nicknamed Bulldog and Batura came up to them and started hassling them, saying they should be “at the front”, not drinking beer.  Another militant – seriously inebriated and brandishing a machine gun - joined them. During the conflict, he shot Polivanov in the stomach.  The young man was taken to hospital where he died of his wound.

Then in Kirovsk on Dec 4 another young man Valery Malyushytsky was shot in the leg. He was standing in a long queue for water from the well. Militants from ‘Oplot’ turned up and jumped the queue.  Malyushytsky told them they should stand in the queue, and they in turn demanded to see his passport.  They saw that he was local, but told him to come with them ‘for a check”.  He calmly refused, and was shot from an automatic rifle in the thigh.  His entire leg will probably have to be amputated. 

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